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Silver is truly a stunningly beautiful precious metal. Regarded for it's shine, luster and thermal / electrical conductivity.
Not many however realize that there are many common uses of silver in everyday functions. Here's a few fun facts about how this element is being put to use in day to day life.


Silver Used In Electroniccs

 Silver in Electronics

Some electrical devices such as lighting switches, circuit boards used within cellphones, and even flat screen TVs have incorporated silver. It is used in the buttons of  televisions, phones, microwave ovens and computer keyboards. Deemed for it's reliability as these switches and buttons endure millions of powering on / off cycles.



Silver Used in Batteries

 Silver in Batteries

 Silver oxide batteries have become very popular and are used frequently. They last approximately 40% longer than lithium batteries and produce higher power to weight ratios than their counterparts. 



Silver Used in Deoderant

 Silver in Deodorant

The silver chloride and colloidal found in certain personal deodorants have antimicrobial properties-used to delay the onset of bacteria that causes body odor. Perhaps it is used as a more natural alternative. Some people also use this alternative as a deodorizer for shoes, clothes etc.



Silver User In Medicine

 Silver in Medicine

The silver nitrate and and potassium nitrate found in caustic pencil have been used to remove warts and corns on the skin' surface. Silver compounds have also been used to make catheters and other medical devices.



Silver Used To Make Mirror

 Silver in Mirrors

Once upon a time centuries ago, mirrors were made of solid silver along with other solid metals. This practice became expensive and corrosion was inevitable.  Today, many mirrors have a silver coatings added the surface in the form of silver plated glass.



Silver Used To Purify Water

 Silver in water filtration 

Silver is used in a vast number of water filtering systems. It prevents the growth of bacteria and algae so that the filter do the job of removing other contaminants. 


Silver Used To Make Car Engine

Silver in Car Engines

Electroplated silver parts are use in various car's engine. The silver components are able to stand heat better. This improves the performance and lifespan of the car's engine.



Silver Door Handle

 Door Handles

Silver has been used for ages in the making of door handles. This has been a popular method for creating an antique finish. Precious and semi precious metals such as silver, copper and brass have been known to kill germs and prevent the growth of bacteria on these objects. 



Silver Jewelry Collection

Silver in Jewelry

A more common yet everyday use for silver is --Jewelry. Many of our beloved rings, necklaces and bracelets are made with the precious metal. 

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